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Supplier & Distributor Anchors

At California Bolt Company, we are an experienced distributor of many types of fittings, bolts, fasteners and other important products. With an expansive range covering over a dozen product categories, we have made ourselves into a convenient, single-point source for these important products.

California Bolt is a distributor of anchors, also known as anchor bolts. These are absolute necessities for projects involving concrete, as anchor bolts are a simple and cost-effective method for providing mounting points. We stock and sell drop-in, foundation, hook, and nail-in anchor bolts. We also sell high quality wedge anchors, which are excellent for many general-purpose to heavy duty concrete construction projects.

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Anchor Products We Carry

  • Chemical
  • Conical
  • Hollow & Drywall
  • Knotting
  • Lag Shields
  • Masonry & Concrete
  • Push-In Anchors
  • Custom Manufactured Anchors

Anchors Photo Gallery

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